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Harpers Ferry National Park Map


Civil War and Meriwether Lewis video included


Rounding the Square

photo-1432821596592-e2c18b78144f.jpgHow not to be a square on the web. Free stock photo courtesy of and Dustin Lee.


How do we make ourselves cool in today’s society? See, you probably don’t ask yourself that like I do. In my case, I think I may be an introvert.  Recently, I’ve been having this conflicted feeling about whether this is good or not. This, introversion or the need to be alone.

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The Desire to Honor

In the Beginning…..

I thought I was going to grow up to be 6’3″ (because that’s what the doctor told me) and was going to play in he NBA. I used to play every day in my childhood, crossing up ninth graders at age nine, hitting deep fadeaway corner threes on the playground that forced everyone to run up to me and shake my hand. I even had a Kobe Bryant-esque spin move in mid air to avoid a collision and hit a lay up. Who can attest to these things you ask? Well, only I can of course! Why is that? Because my memories of basketball only included me.

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