Multimedia Journalism and my Craft

After slowly breaking out of my stubbornness of learning multimedia journalism and diverting away from being stuck only as a writer, Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide, written by Andy Bull, showed me that I need to break into the audio category, as well as the other other ones like writing and photography.

Huntington Prep basketball has been both my occupation and my hobby for the past three months, but has writing about game after game given my subject the most exposure? Has taking pictures of game MVPs and retweeting them heigtened my view capacity for Huntington’s only prep school? Absolutely not and this book talks about filling every capacity that your subject should fill.


I could always do more than this and a recap.


As of now, when I have a beat, I will not only write and take a few pictures. Podcasts used to be unique; a fresh market to tap into. Now, it’s become common place for a content creator to talk directly to their audience on a weekly or monthly basis. From now on, I will ask if anyone associated with my subject wants to join me for at least a 10-15 minute discussion about their job with the program, upcoming events, etc. No matter how small the view count is, I get at least one everyday but I know it could always he higher.


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