About Scott A. Bolger….

I was born in Anaheim, California to the name Scott Allen Bolger, but now it’s just A. to keep the feds off me.  I was raised around my sports my whole life with my Father, Brian, being a huge Padres and Tony Gwynn fan. I’ve been  going to Wizards and Nationals games for the last 11 years and this moment sums up my time as a Wizards fan: Arenas!

Currently a senior at Marshall University studying Online Journalism and English.  I was a Print major, but you gotta learn as much as you about computers and design in this beast of a world, right?

Sports writing is life right now. It’s weird, but I like the minor details of it all. I think what makes the things we love great is our ability to recognize the minor details that you think no one else sees and appreciate them.

Scott A. Bolger

Writer for MarsReel, Marshall’s school newspaper, The Parthenon and wrote for Herdzone.com



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